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What is Breakthrough Coaching?

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

New 2014 BTC logoWhat is Breakthrough Coaching?

Breakthrough Coaching is a practice management consulting and personal coaching firm that teaches an outcome-based, functionally, oriented system of procedures that focuses on preparing chiropractors to become the primary providers of the prevention and wellness services driving healthcare reform today.


Tip of the Month by Dr. Mark Sanna


CEO, Breakthrough Coaching        


Hire a Marketing Chiropractic Assistant

Some chiropractors cringe when the word “marketing” is brought up.  Very often, doctors will ask, “Do I really have to market my practice?”  Short answer: Yes!  Remember, your practice is a business, and new patients are its life blood.  Without new patients, your practice is in a state of decline, and if this situation is left unattended for long, your business will be in jeopardy.  The fact of the matter is, if your lights are on and your doors are unlocked, you are marketing your practice.  With a little more focused attention and thought, you can make a huge difference in the bottom line – cash flow.  One great option is to address this issue is to hire and train a dedicated Marketing specialist.

One of the biggest concerns doctors have is that they believe they can’t afford to put another team member on staff to focus on marketing.  However, time and again, it’s been proven that this person can more than pay for themselves with the efforts in the community and in-house to market your practice.  Just the addition of an extra 3-5 new patients per month can be a significant increase for your practice. However, with the consistent marketing efforts of your team member, many times that number are likely to be flooding your office, thus making the salary paid to this team member well worth it.

Practices that have a marketing representative devoted to promotion of the practice consistently report higher than average new patient statistics.  Keeping the plates spinning at all times and in all directions assures that a healthy amount of new business will constantly flow in.  Sit back and watch the abundance of new patients pour into your office with the right marketing team member!

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Chiropractic Tables

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Tens Units

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Reconditioned Tables

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Chiropractic Table Servicing

Table Servicing

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Check Out Our Online Catalog

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Customer Service

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